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Instructions are fully updated.

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Entrance Examination for Faculty of Pharmacy

You have submitted your Application to Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové (Charles University). Entrance Examination will be held online using a video-proctored testing environment provided by our company Scio.


Online test dates

3 May 2022, 10 AM CEST (GMT+2) – Pharmaceutical Sciences
6 June 2022, 10 AM CEST (GMT+2) – Pharmacy

Current information

Exam date: May 3, 2022

The exam starts at 10 AM CEST (GMT+2) 

Basic information about the test:

  • The test contains 70 tasks.
  • You have 75 minutes to work on the test.
  • There is only one correct answer for each task.
  • It is possible tu use blank papers for notes. You have to show each paper to the camera from both sides before the start of the test.

We sent an email with information about the exam to all the candidates on April 21, 2022.

The onboarding has started. You can go through the onboarding  - a test entry into our online application - from April 24 to May 2. 

If you do not have the opportunity to obtain the appropriate technical equipment or for any reason have a problem taking the online exam, contact the faculty.

Online exam

You will receive all the detail about the Entrance exam, including the precise date and time of the exam in advance in an email invitation. Please watch your inbox, including your SPAM folder or other automatically sorted folders.
You will be participating in the Entrance Exam remotely from you home at your PC/Mac.

Online exam

Prepare for your exam: Minimal requirements and what to expect. 

Exam rules

To guarantee incontestability of results and their comparability, strict rules apply to the exam.. 

e-mail: scio@scio.cz  |  phone (9:00 - 16:00 CEST): +420 234 705 555