Tests administered in 2021/22. Universities accept different subjects, dates and results (see our overview or your university website for more).


Exams administered in English 

General Academic Prerequisites

Tests general skills and aptitudes needed for successful completion of university studies. Contains 54 multiple-choice items divided into two sections: Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning.




Exams administered in Czech or Slovak language

GAP in Czech or Slovak

Zkouška testuje základní dovednosti a schopnosti, které potřebujete pro úspěšné studium. Nemusíte se učit, nejde o test znalostí. Důležitou roli hraje i omezený čas na řešení.

Social Sciences ("ZSV")

Tests Czech high-school level knowledge in the area of social sciences  (psychology, sociology, philosphy, politology, law, modern history, european integration and economics). Contains 60 multiple-choice items.


Mathematics ("Mat")

Tests high-school level mathematics (algebra, geometry, probability and statistics etc.). Contains 30 multiple-choice items. In Czech or Slovak language. 

Natural Sciences ("Bi" / "Che")

Tests high-school level knowledge in the area of biology and chemistry. Contains 40 (biology) and 30 (chemistry) multiple-choice items. In Czech or Slovak language. 



Tests B2-level English. Consists of three sections: Listening, Reading and Use of English. Contains 60 items, mostly multiple-choice.


Tests B2-level German. Contains 60 multiple-choice items focused on listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and common conversation phrases.



Tests B2-level Spanish. Contains 60 items, mostly multiple-choice, focused on listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, common conversation phrases and word formation.

TESA (Test of English for Studies Abroad)

English exam designed to evaluate student’s level of English according to CEFR (namely B1, B2, C1 or C2). Contains Listening, Reading, Use of English, Writing and Speaking. 


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