Frequently asked questions about online exams

Which internet browser should I use for the exam?

Use only the most recent version of Google Chrome. Using other browsers might lead to serious technical issues.

What would happen if I do not go through the onboarding process?

Everyone who wishes to take the National Comparative Exams in online form has to go through the Onboarding, or sample / training test before each test day. The onboarding enables you to both make sure that your equipment is compatible with the requirements and also provides you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the testing environment. It is necessary to go through the onboarding test at least 5 days before the exam itself. If you skip onboarding, you will not be able to take the test. This rule is strictly followed.

What kind of identity card can I use for my exam?

National identity card (issued by the state), passport or driving licence.

Is the room scan from my Onboarding test evaluated?

Room scan records from onboarding tests are not evaluated, it is therefore not necessary to take the onboarding test in the same room / place as the Exam itself. Also, it is not necessary to follow all the online exam rules during your onboarding - they are valid for the Exam only.

Will I receive some sort of confirmation after completing the onboarding test?

No. If the onboarding test is marked as "FINISHED" in your Test list, it means your onboarding was successful.

What does a correct room scan look like?

We ask you to be very careful about the room scan - it includes both a record of your room as well as a complete view of  the top of your desk and a view underneath the desk. When recording your room it is necessary to turn round 360 degrees to prove that you are alone in the room. When recording the desk or table you need to show that you do not have any unallowed objects on the desk or anywhere in your immediate vicinity. If you have some notepaper, show that the paper is blank. Make sure to check what you are allowed to have on your desk before every Test.

Do I have to make the whole room tidy?

No, you don't. It is however important that your desk is empty during the exam, as well as your immediate vicinity. By that is meant the space around your person, where you can reach without leaving the field of view of the camera. The logic is simple - if during the exam you have next to you or somewhere around you any unallowed objects that could potentially help you with solving the test (cellphone, calculator, headphones, dictionaries, map on the wall, periodic table for chemistry, etc.), it is a problem. If any of these objects is somewhere on a shelf out of your reach, it is OK.

Am I allowed to make notes?

Every test has its own rules - during certain tests (GAP, Maths) it is allowed to make handwritten notes, during other exams it is not. Always make sure to check the rules relevant to your test.

What if I leave the view of the webcam?

You are not allowed to leave the view. Your camera should record your face and upper arms during the entire exam. If possible, at least a part of your table should be also visible. Make sure that the image is not blurred or unrecognizable - like if you are in bright sunlight. If you leave the view of the camera, your exam will be marked as invalid. If you have to get up from your desk for some specific reason, try to stay visible in the camera view and ideally try to explain what is the issue.

What if I encounter some technical issues during the exam?

Our customer support is available at any moment, it is important to reach out to us without delay. For this reason you may keep your cellphone in the room, but not in the immediate vicinity. Do not forget to mute your phone and switch off the vibrations.

If you are reaching out to us via email, always try to describe exactly what your problem is. If possible, try to include a screenshot. Otherwise the communication may take too long and you risk that we will not be able to help you in time.
Warning: Please do not open the test in multiple windows / tabs in your web browser. This can cause technical complications when upoading the test.

What if I lose internet connectivity during the exam?

Our testing environment was developed to prevent any disruption to your exam in case of connectivity issues. Your exam is being saved locally to your computer even if you lose your connection for a while, your test will not be affected. Once your connection is reestablished, your data will be uploaded and you will not lose the answers. Be aware that this will not work if you are using Anonymous / Private mode in your browser.

May I use an external webcam, wireless mouse, etc. during the exam?

Yes, you may use external peripherals, but only one of each device. External webcam must allow manipulation in such a way that it is possible to turn it around the room (360 degree view).