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Cookies on this website

This website uses cookies to personalize the website and make it more convenient to browse.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small data files that the visited site sends to the browser and which allow you to record information about your visit to the website, so you do not have to enter this information repeatedly the next time you visit. Cookies can therefore be imagined as a kind of website memory. Cookies can also be used to display so-called behaviorally targeted online advertising, ie to display only such advertising that is relevant to a particular user, without being bothered by advertising that does not interest him. Cookies cannot be used to identify visitors to the site or to misuse login data.

What cookies are used on our website?

Cookies on our website can be divided into three groups:

The first group is our own cookies, which we use to support the ordering process in our e-shop. They are necessary for the proper functioning of our e-shop, for example, so that you can stay logged in throughout the process.

The second group are cookies, which we use mainly to individualize the website. Based on them, we can show you updates based on the pages you have visited or recommend the products that are most relevant to you during the order.

The third group of cookies are third-party cookies related to the implementation of certain elements in the website, without which these elements would usually not even work. These are, for example, Google and its Google Analytics and HotJar (statistics and information on the movement of visitors on the website), Facebook (to display information from our Facebook page directly on the website), YouTube,, Snack Tools (tool for displaying printed magazines in online form for our Perepetuum, How to university), Tockify (a tool to support the operation of the calendar on the Scio homepage). (web site help tool). These cookies are managed by third parties and we do not have access to write this information. On the contrary, we have access to some stored data within the declared functionalities of individual cookies.

Standard web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others, allow the management of cookies, in the browser, cookies can be deleted, completely disabled, or enabled only for certain sites. If you set cookies to be blocked in your browser, you can use our website on a regular basis, but some elements of the site will not work.